Starting something new

So here we are, starting a new year with a completely new job, setup and expectations.

I’ve been revisiting my old blogs and I felt encouraged and disappointed at the same time. I’ve been reading the words that my past self wrote and all those projects and ideas that he started developing… and never finished.

I was a mess. And I still am, that’s self-consciousness right there.

BUT, what I also am is motivated and hungry. Not literally hungry: I just ate a burger.
I talk about hungry for completion, for finishing something and say to the world: “There you have it, I just made something. I made it!”.

And that ambition is not going away any time soon.

So I gathered, recently, with my pals from home. We already had a kind of a project just starting… but it was, realistically, too big to be accomplished by us alone. And we realized that. So we had to propose a new idea. And we did.

That brings us to the point of this whole text: I’m gonna finish this project no matter what.

It is my chance to do things right and show myself and the world that I can finish things without a boss telling me to do it. I wish I’m able to, anyway, all experiences point to the contrary… but NO, this time is different. I am different, and I’ll make it through.

Fortunately, I do have a few people around with whom I can share this process and enjoy their opinions and reactions to my work. Including my pals, of course. I think we make a good team.

Well, I spent so much time saying so much reinforcing crap that I forgot to tell you about the project itself. And now I’m too tired to do that.

I guess I’ll finish this task tomorrow. If I’m able to. Although I surely can. Probably. Hopefully.


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