The cardboard project

Sometimes I look at myself in the mirror and I can’t recognize me. Doing stuff like this? Like, consistently? Actually working on side projects and shit without giving up?
Wow, that does not sound like me at all. But I want to sound like that.

Maybe I’m overexcited. It’s only the second day in a row.

ANYWAY, I’m here to finally start talking about this new project we are working on. We don’t quite have a name for it yet, so I’ll call it: THE CARDBOARD PROJECT

Why? Because our artistic design is centred around cardboard. And that’s the main focus today: Artistic Design.

After we had a global idea of the game that we wanted to build, we decided to start thinking about how we wanted it to look like. Nothing too demanding, as we are not experts, but rather simple, yet pleasing to the eyes.

Okay, cardboard is not the first thing one may think of when he’s trying to find something pleasing; but stay with me, because I think it was an awesome choice.

I have to give credit to my pals for having such a gift to craft a cool prototype of how it can look like and for having the idea itself. The image above is what they did, apart from a simulation of the backgrounds moving at different speeds, giving a cool parallax effect to the whole thing. When I arrived home, I implemented a quick prototype of the thing in Unity3D to test it.

YEAH, I really did stuff when I got home instead of not doing shit!
I’m proud of me, I should reward myself with a medal or two. Well, maybe it’s still to early for that, we’ll see.

And so, as you can guess from the image, this is a 2D game project. A 2D platformer based on boss battles with a gameplay reminiscent of Cuphead, a storytelling similar to Child of Light and a plot that brings me memories of The Little Prince (yeah, the book). Cool, huh?

Our goal is to finish it. We don’t expect to sell much even if we finally try to, nor to become famous or some crap like that. We just want to finish a project that we can share with the world.

And we will.

And I’ll get my medals, too.