A craving for coding

Moooooooooonday. Ugh.

I should not complain much today, though.
I’ve just been through one of the best weekends of this year, regardless of how good the rest of them turn out to be. That’s how AMAZING it was.

Personal life and experiences aside, I wanted to continue taking about THE CARDBOARD PROJECT.

As one could expect, we are in a more… “prototyping” kind of phase and we are trying different sprites and styles for props, characters and scenarios.

But I’m a programmer, and I prefer enjoying the beauty of boring lines of code rather than looking at colourful images.
Well, looking at them is fine, trying to create them myself is a very predictable disaster.

Anyway, to solve that mismatch between needs and skills, I had the idea of adding a small utility to the project. A small app that will show statistics of our project, like how many times people died, where, how they solved things and reacted to certain events, duration of play sessions, and so on.

For that, we rented a VPS and hosted there our database. We will create a REST Webservice to let the game store the information and we will use websockets to serve the statistics to our app in real time. Pretty cool little project.

I lack a lot of time to do it all by myself, so one of my pals, who’s also a monkey pushing buttons on a keyboard like me, is helping us build everything.

When we are ready, we will be able to send information from the game to this server and then take a look at it whenever we feel like it, so that we can see what works and what doesn’t and analyse how the players (mostly ourselves, for the time being) play the game and how to make it more enjoyable.

So, I will be busy for now with something cool to do until I can get my hands into scripting and game mechanics. That will be cool too.

Now I’m gonna get a cup of coffee, wouldn’t like someone finding me falling asleep at some corner.