The world ahead

Soooooooooo yeah.

Many things have happened since my last post.

My purpose is still intact, I still want to finish what I start and I’ll be collaborating with that Cardboard Project until the end.

In fact, we joined together in a mini-jam of 8 hours and we developed as a team the first steps of the prototype that we want to finish. It was actually very useful and we plan on doing it again sometime soon.

But I realized something. Something deep. Something important.

I realized what my goal in this life is going to be. I realized what makes me the most happy and what fills me with motivation to learn, to improve, to experiment, to fail and to enjoy.

I will be a game designer.

But there’s still a long road ahead of me. I’m an experienced professional programmer and I can still put to use those skills and help my team mates on Cardboard Project using that, but not with the game design. That’s a skill I want to nurture on my own.

That’s why I enrolled in the Coursera Game Design and Development specialization.

It consists of five courses dedicated to the intricacies of game design and game theory and even creativity. It explains how to see the world in a manner that encourages the discovery and creation of new ideas and how to turn those into something real.

Why didn’t I do this earlier? You may ask.

Fear, I’d answer. Fear of competition, of failure, of not being able to shine, of not being the best. But I worry no more.

I think it’s come the time to let those fears fade and simply do what I like. Do what I enjoy and what I like to share with others even if it’s not the best in the world. It will be my best, and that’s what really counts.

So, I’ll probably by starting some small side projects as I go along with that amazing course.

I’ll be talking about all that soon.