Trick Tock – The planned game project

I know, I KNOW. It is waaaaaaay too early for me to start writing another post. But I can’t stop myself.

I desperately need to talk more about this project. I’m referring to my personal project, the one linked to the Game Design course (The world ahead) that I’m completing on Coursera.

These past two weeks I wrote all the documentation needed to start building prototypes of the project and start implementing those ideas that I want to see in action.

It has been a whole new experience for me. I’m not the kind of guy used to planning and documentation, you know? But it felt great. The templates that I followed to write those documents made me question things that I hadn’t think of before, or not deeply enough.

The main idea that drives the gameplay in this project is a mad scientist that broke how time works in the universe and, because of that, time stops now every few seconds. While time is stopped, the mad scientist (the player) is able to plan his movements and actions to be performed when time resumes.
I’m very excited for having thought out a lot of the details behind that concept and I’m eager to start bringing those things to “reality” (it is a computer game, after all).

I’m so excited that I’m gonna share with you the High Concept Document of this project. This document is a short summary of the game idea that serves as a presentation so that you can know what is that I’m aiming for:

Trick Tock – High Concept Document

Next week I will start properly prototyping and crafting assets for the game so this blog will be infused with more and more content, I reckon.

I’m pretty sure that the next posted article in this blog will contain something more visually appealing that just plain text, and that’s cool, isn’t it?

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