Harder, better, faster, smarter

Hey, can we confirm that this has been the most productive weekend so far?
Oh yeah, we can. They have been the couple of days that I’ve been more focused on my projects by a long shot.

And hey, I don’t forget my words; I told you that this post will be more visual and here it comes.

In summary, I finished three projects proposed by the Coursera course that I’m following.

The first was a simple simulation of the inner solar system with little interaction in it. Although I already had enough experience with Unity to do this and much more, this served as an introduction for the course and Unity’s best practices so I had no real reason to skip it.

A very simple simulation of the solar system

The second project, a bit more elaborated, was a small game about moving a ball around, trying to collect coins while a multitude of enemies fall from the sky and follow you. It results in a very chaotic but fun gameplay.

Chaos ensues.

And the last project was a simple shooter where boxes of different kinds appeared. The objective is to get to a certain score before the time runs out, being careful not to hit the red and yellow boxes that can take away from your remaining time and/or score. I was, as you can see, not good at this last step. Red colors are too juicy for me.

Me failing at shooting things.


And… wait for it… that wasn’t all!

I found some time for The cardboard project too!! I joined with my teammates and together we continued implementing new mechanics and joining all that with the assets that our amazing artists are designing.

test4 (1)
Our little astronaut jumping around a colored world!


And this is going to be all for today.

In the end, I couldn’t yet start developing the prototype for Trick Tock – The planned game project, but fear not… That is my next goal 🙂