(Not so) Silly Update

It’s been a while since I last wrote stuff. Things happened and life happened, but I continued working nonetheless.

The cardboard project is growing. Slowly but steadily. We always dedicate at least a night per week to keep the project updated.

Also, I successfully completed 3 of the 5 courses that are included in the Coursera specialization, and I’m close to get the 4th. The last course is the final project, and will be finished by August or so.

Aaaand the big news is that I joined Weekly Game Jam, where they organize a game jam each week around a given topic. I think it’s an amazing way to put all my gamedev and game design skills to test and learn from these other great developers who share their projects and experiences too.

The next Jam starts on Friday and I’ll be uploading all these new projects and prototypes to my Itch.io account.

I know this might seem like a lot, but I’m really into game design and development now and I very much want to be immersed in this world and enjoying it all the way.

I’ll keep the blog updated with those projects too, so I’ll be back… soon.

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