Wrapping up

Today I’ve got to say the most beautiful words in the world, after “I love you”, “Getting to bed” and “Dinner’s ready”: I FINISHED IT.

Soooo, let’s recap, shall we?

At the beginning of this year, after deciding that I would be Starting something new, I talked long and deep about finishing stuff and how I’ve always started so many things and finished just a few.

Well, I’m glad to say that, 6 months later, I’ve not abandoned a single one of the projects that I’ve started and I’m finishing everything I do. And I’m bloody proud of that, mind you.

But today I’m here to celebrate the presentation of my first weekly game jam results.
As I told you in my (Not so) Silly Update, I joined the WeeklyGameJam discord, where some guys organize a game jam each week focused on a certain topic. This week’s topic was “Hatch an egg”. And this has become the first project that I uploaded to my itch.io account.

In fact, you can play it right now, here: https://santidev.itch.io/masterhatcher

What do you think? It’s a bit too hard and it requires some memory and reading skills to be able to open the maximum of eggs possible. Have you been able to find the Easter egg?

I know it’s not an Indie superstar but I’m proud of it because I’ve done it all. From the idea and design to the coding, the pixelart assets and even the music. Everything has been done from scratch and built into a cohesive game with a starting point and an ending one. It’s a project that I committed to and I finished successfully, and that feeling is hard to describe, but it’s amazing.

Also, this week I bought the great Challenges for game designers book. I’m learning a lot and I’m starting to see the world of games (and the real world too) in a very different and exciting way. I’m enjoying the analytical point of view and asking myself why certain things make us feel in different ways and how can I use that to build an experience. In fact, I believe that this curiosity and critical thinking has always been a part of me and I even applied that to programming and other aspects of live, but I think game design gives me a much more powerful framework to work and expand all those things.

Well, we’ve got a bit deep there, haven’t we?

For now, this is all that I have to share. Next week I’ll be working on the capstone project for the online course and I’ll be showing some of that too.