About me

Who am I?

Good question, stranger!


Hi, I’m Santi and I’m a passionate programmer, although I find myself constantly learning about game development and game design.
I also enjoy other creative hobbies from time to time like photography and writing, but you are not here to read about those, are you?

When I was a kid, I had a lot of different worlds and stories in my head that I wanted to show and share with everyone. I started doing that via writing (because I was awful at drawing) and I got quite good at it.

Now, I’m an IT Engineer and ever since I learned to program I’ve been trying to tell those stories and share those worlds through a different and unique medium. An interactive one.

In this webpage you’ll find a list of all the projects I’ve made since I started working in game development as a hobby. Some of them are incomplete or just tests of the different skills that I was acquiring at that moment, but all had things to teach me in the process.

Nevertheless, I recently moved to itch.io and upload everything new there, so check it out too: https://serendevity.itch.io/